Who are these people?

Along with the oil paintings I've been doing, I've also gotten interested in portraiture.  You can see my early focus on historical figures.  These are people who have made an impact of society for the greater good, whether they intended to or not.  I'm going to try to paint a portrait a week this year.  If you have suggestions for a subject, I'd like to know.

I had a great show Saturday night in Decatur!  Moved a few paintings and am grateful to all who showed and wished me well.  Thanks!  I have another show coming up Memorial Day weekend in Decatur at 131 Trinity Design gallery which I'll be letting you know about as the date gets closer.

This painting is from a trip my wife and I took last summer to visit our daughter in western Mass.  I call this one Beaver Pond Stroll.  The beavers are active in the area and have created a pond or two. 

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This painting is from a recent weekend trip to Athens, GA where my daughter was singing in the Allstate Chorus.  As she was practicing I had some time to myself and found a bench in downtown Athens that looked at these old buildings.  I liked the people moving in the street in juxtaposition to colorful buildings.

Athens downtown.JPG

This year I've started my web site and hope you enjoy it.  I'm posting pics of paintings I've done over the past year and have plans to paint over 200 paintings this year.  (We'll see how that goes.)  Here's one of my latest.  It's a photo I took of my wife and daughter in NYC back in 2006.  Just discovered the photo and thought it provided an interesting perspective. 

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